As Long As You Have A Garden

Monday, 13 October 2014

Pippin Update

I'm late, I'm late etc

I'm travelling and not on top of anything. Here are some photos of Pippin taken just before I left home.

Not a great shot, trying to show you the leaves are turning yellow

Looking through the branches you can see how close the tree is to the edge of the forest

In the forest the evergreens are stressed from a long hot summer
We may have seen the last of the bear for this year. The salmon are spawning and he is busy fishing. This is the critical time for him to pack on fat to get through winter. Next year I've been advised to hang buckets containing sponges soaked in Pine Sol on the tree. Mr Bruin is said not to like the smell. We'll see...

The last photo is showing you the yellow colours in Calgary, where I am now. The aspens paint a golden swathe across the landscape, stunning against the brilliant blue prairie sky.

Regular service will return when I get home.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

We Need Someone For The Board.....

In other words 'You look like the kind of sap we can persuade". So when Friends of the Library came calling I signed up. No one saw fit to mention the campaign for a new library or the fracturing of the community over the location of said library. Still, the campaign had been running for over thirty years with no end in sight so I can't be too surprised, no one wants to lay a dead horse in front of a keener.

Well, one or two more keeners signed up and what do you know, the library question is going to referendum. Now, one would expect the new library supporters to be ecstatic. Not so, the deal offered by council is a compromise. A compromise usually ends up with no one getting what they want. Then there is the conjecture fuelled by council's haste in making a decision. Our supporters tend to be thinking types and young parents with their ideals still intact and they are soo not happy.

One board member will likely resign over this. The rest will succumb to meeting overload.

It is our biggest book sale of the year on Saturday. It sort of crept up on us behind the smoke of the library battle. Somehow posters are up and volunteers scheduled.

On the bright side-supper tonight was carrots, peas and beans from our garden, a trip to see my darlings is in the works, old friends are coming to visit and last night I went to a great workshop on homesteading. Tomorrow is mostly clean up in the garden, choosing bulbs at the garden centre and only one teensy tiny meeting.

O.K. I feel better now

Monday, 22 September 2014

Fall Fair

A new gal was organising the Fall Fair and she did an outstanding job including camping on the site for a week in her little Airstream.

She said it was cozy and quiet and she had her dog for company

My friend Julia's flower stall. She is from Columbia and sounds like Gloria from Modern Family.  Sometimes she gives me plants and I don't have a clue what they are because I can't understand her accent.

Made by a 14yr old. There was a lot of excellent sewing in the Junior section

The Lego section was new this year and proved popular. Not surprised to see someone entered a ferry scene. Its comings and goings, or lack of, control our lives.

I was working at the library booth. 


Not as sedate as one might expect.  In fact I must skedaddle out of here for a strategy meeting. Coming soon Library Wars.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Bloom Where You're Planted?

Which brings me to the roses. When we moved on to the property the flower beds were in a similar neglected state to the kitchen garden. Food trumped flowers, I can't believe I'm saying that. The only improvement in the lives of the flowers were they got watered on a regular basis. To be honest only the roses got watered. All the other guys just kind of muscled in as they have done for years.

not bad for all day shade
gasp-this one is blooming

Sorry, these aren't the before pictures, There are no inspirational after pictures.  I'm just letting you know the rose rescue has finally begun. Watch out daisies.

As for the bloom where you're planted thing, whoever said it was no gardener. Plants thrive when the conditions are right, just like me.