As Long As….

Thursday, 30 April 2015


Due to a sad event in our family I will not be blogging for a week or two. I'm fine, hubby's fine, my kids are fine so no need to worry.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Canadian Pride

Every April the Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds Demonstration Squadron practice their routines at our Air Force Base (Comox) for international air shows. Military personnel all over the world are doing tough and dangerous work. This video makes my heart swell with pride and love. Thanks to livingrichonthecheap for sharing.

Friday, 17 April 2015

In Stitches

I have stitches in my leg, just below my calf muscle.
"No stress on the wound until I see you next week," announced the doctor.
"Doc", I say, "This is my diggin' leg and it's plantin' time."
The city boy looks baffled.
"Tell you what," I offer, "I'll slap some duct tape over it before I go out to the back 40."
An awkward silence then he slowly pushes an instruction chit towards me.
I'm thinking there might be a mental health referral on his desk next week. One of us is going to need it before this is over.

It will not be me because I haven't cracked

while living like this

the orange is gone-hooray

or trying to raise my plant babies like this

Although there is the straw that broke the camel's back theory, which may come into play next week, because I want to take out my own stitches...

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Mud, Sweat and Tears

Well not really tears, more like whimpering, because the sun came out and we all went crazy and played outside until our knees gave up. Garden Club looked like a casualty clearing station.

It is our third Spring here and at last I'm getting to the weed infested, overgrown spaces which pass for flower beds. Take my word for it they are really bad. I've mud wrestled a gigantic fern and dug up hundreds of bulbs, clumps and clumps of daisies and asters, a jungle of rose suckers and a mountain of grass. I found three roses, two peonies and a tulip. The roses will be moved, for some reason they were planted in deep shade, the peonies will be given away, I'm not sure what the future holds for the tulip.

Now for replanting, which would cost a fortune if it weren't for the generous people in our community. I've been hanging out on our local social media sites. We have two specifically for gardeners which right now are filled with shop and swap opportunities. We also have another just for our part of the peninsula which is handy for finding things close to home. This one also posts community events, rides in to town, lost and found dogs, cats, sheep and ducks, and cougar warnings of which we have had two recently.

For a ridiculously small amount of money, gifts of jam and promises of  fruit this is my haul so far:



clove pinks

hardy geranium
rose campion
climbing hydrangea-it's going in a spot similar to this,
not sure how long it will take to grow as big

kale, lemon balm and a pile of seasoned horse manure.

I have to go, we are still painting and furniture needs to be moved, apparently the world will come to an end if we don't do it NOW. More tears.